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About Section on Public Interest and Development Law (SPIDEL)

The Section on Public Interest and Development Law (SPIDEL) is the 3rd Section established by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) following approval for its establishment at her NEC meeting held on 30th November, 2006 in Bauchi. SPIDEL aims at developing Legal frameworks that underpin economic reforms, addressing issues relating to public interest Law and advocating the fundamental link between law, its role and application to development. SPIDEL was inaugurated on 19th December, 2006 by the President of NBA, Olisa Agbakoba, SAN.


SPIDEL is an NBA’s commitment to promoting the role and application of law to economic development and growth of public interest Law in Nigeria.


Making Public Interest and Development Law a fundamental aspect of National life and development


  • To ensure the credibility and development of our national institutions
  • Promote development and practice of public interest law and litigation and ensure access to effective remedies for victims of violations of the law and abuse of power
  • To address legal aspects of economic reforms.
  • To advocate for effective laws and institutions to guarantee public safety and security in Nigeria
  • To promote harmonization of regional integration institutions within Nigeria’s constitutional framework
  • To contribute to development of appropriate legal and policy framework for management and protection of environmental, marine and maritime resources and rights.
  • To promote legal and policy framework for safe and equitable exploitation and management of natural resources.


The Section is administered by a Section Council that oversees the affairs of the Section. The Council is comprised of the Chairman, Alternate Chairman, Alternate Chairman, Secretary, the senior officers of the Section and any additional officer of the section, the immediate past Chairman and secretary of the section, nominated or elected members and up to 3 co-opted members.


Membership to the Section is open to any member of the association upon payment of the section dues for the current year to the relevant officer, upon which he or she shall be enrolled as a member of the section.



  • Research, legal and Policy Analysis
  • Public or strategic impact Advocacy
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • Training and Capacity Building Programs
  • Legislative Advocacy & Networking

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